MB362 Electronic & Mobile Commerce

This module focuses on the business value that we can obtain from the Internet and wireless public networks.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Results of analysis

Task: Analyze your information requirements- are there interesting patterns (sources, uses, failures, the match between cost and value, etc) that you can explore further?

For the 2 days when the information requirements are being noted down, these 2 days happened to be days when I spent time with my family and relatives.
Other than educational information which i would wish to know, information which I usually required are about daily life such as simple as breakfast, where is my medicine and the sources are from my family members (mother, father, sister).

I can classify the information I required into 2 categories: Educational and Daily life.
Educational information are info which enhance my knowledge or info which I need for my studies. Typical sources where I get these info from are from internet, newspaper, news on TV.
Daily life information are info which help me relax or info which help me during my daily life (breakfast, lunch, dinner, time, where objects are?). Typical sources where I get daily life info are from my family members.

There is no relationship between cost and value. Cost here is monetary cost while value is more of non-monetary cost and is more of benefits and satisfaction. For eg. if I wish to find out more information about Tsunami, the info is of medium value but at no or little monetary cost(Internet). How to value information depends on individuals, as in, different people have different view on how valued an information is to the person himself/herself in particular.


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