MB362 Electronic & Mobile Commerce

This module focuses on the business value that we can obtain from the Internet and wireless public networks.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Seminar 1: "New Phones"

In lesson one, we were asked to identify the features we would like to have in our "New Phones". With my partner, the following features are what we wanted in our "New Phones".
1. Biometric functions (for security, personalisation - making the user feel that it's HIS/HER own phone.)
2. Voice recognition functions (Make the phone work for you instead of pressing the keypads, simply use your voice to control your handphone.)
3. GPS (Knowing where you are and finding your way out, in times of crisis, it can be life-saving too to find victim's location!!)
4. Remote control (Especially designed for lazy people like me! A type of remote control which can control TV, switches... when it's digitally set to be controlled by your HP.)
I've found an article related to handphones.

Motorola gears up for home networking
Published: January 7, 2005, 3:53 PM PST
Michael Kanellos Staff Writer, CNET News.com


LAS VEGAS--Some people want the PC at the center of the home. Motorola is trying to make the cell phone that critical device. Networked-home concept is becoming a reality and use of handphone is one of the way to gain control of homes. It's now possible to let homeowners get a video feed of their car in the driveway through a surveillance system with the help of the handphone. Videoconferencing phone for homes is available currently.

This article makes me wonder how information technology is going to play a part in our everyday life in future. Being able to control your home using handphone is time-saving and making control more convenient and simpler.


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