MB362 Electronic & Mobile Commerce

This module focuses on the business value that we can obtain from the Internet and wireless public networks.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Seminar 3: "Selling on the Web & Marketing on the Web"

Lesson three was a difficult one. We learn about
-Revenue models
-Building a Web Presence
-Network-based business performance vs SWOT
-Focus on benefits sought
-Definition of a market
-Market segmentation (Technotoys, Mobile Pros,Sophisticates, Socialites, Lifestylers)
-Types of Web Marketing
-Web Marketing Strategies

It's a Sunday and I spent my day with my group-mates doing Flash. All of us had zero knowledge on Flash and luckily we were willing to try and learn how to create a flash. Managed to do simple animations and insertion of sounds to our presentation through trial and error. Great sense of achievement felt though our flash presentation was not a fantastic one, it's made with a lot of effort and sweat. Cheers to "The Incredibles"!


Exactly What Is Spam?
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Wilson Internet Rocklin,
CAJan 12, 2005, 14:31 PST


To sum up: Spam is generally defined as unsolicited e-mail. However, it is considered legal to rent permission-based lists for e-mail campaigns. The CAN-SPAM Act in the US makes it illegal to send deceptive e-mails and to continue to send e-mails to people who have unsubscribed or opted out (among other things). If you live in Europe and Australia, sending e-mail itself is illegal without permission from the recipient. Canada has no specific anti-spam legislation at present.

In our seminar we have learnt that spam is a type of e-mail marketing. E-mails are considered as spam when we don't wish to receive them in our e-mail inboxs and we never subcribe to them. To me, spam mails are very irritating and unreasonable. My Hotmail account only has a storage size of 2MB and with spam mails, I keep running out of storage space for my incoming mails. Being forced by this situation, I have to set filters to my web-based mailbox and sometimes, important e-mails ended up in my Junk Folder instead of Inbox. E-mail marketing is getting out of control! Spam mails please go away.


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