MB362 Electronic & Mobile Commerce

This module focuses on the business value that we can obtain from the Internet and wireless public networks.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Seminar 5: "Business Strategies: From EDI to E-commerce"

Surprise Surprise! We had a diagnostic test this seminar. So unprepared for it and I have cleared my notes from my MB362 folder the night before. Though it's an open-book test, I can hardly refer to anything for more information. Realised that importance of the textbook! After diagnostic test, I feel that I need to buck up in thi module. There're so many things I still don't know and I can just stare hard at the test questions.

What have we learnt during the lecture?
- Steps in a typical business purchasing process
- Direct vs. indirect Materials Purchasing
- Logistics activities
- Radio frequency identification devices (RFIDS)
- E-government
- Information flows in the EDI purchasing process
- Direct connection EDI
- Indirect connection EDI through a VAN
- EDI on the Internet
- Open Architecture of the Internet
- Supply Chain Management
- Building & Maintaining Trust in the Supply Chain
- Characteristics of B2B Marketplaces


Best Practices that Foster Improved Supplier Management
By Supplier Selection & Management Report
CRM Buyer
09/20/04 6:00 AM PT


"Companies want to do a better job of supplier connection, coordination and monitoring no matter where their suppliers are located," Enslow concludes in her supplier management benchmark research study, The Quiet Revolution in Supplier Management.


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