MB362 Electronic & Mobile Commerce

This module focuses on the business value that we can obtain from the Internet and wireless public networks.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Seminar 7: "Completing Platforms for Mobile Data Services"

Notes from Lesson 7:
- Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile terminals
- Descriptions of pagers, cellphones, MP3 players, PDA, Tablet PCs, Laptops
- New technology (displays, processing device abilities, operating systems, data transmission)
- Virus for mobile terminals
- Push and pull services

Predicts 2004: Mobile and Wireless
8 December 2003 Ken Dulaney


Wireless and mobile technologies are becoming commonplace. Applications will emerge to meet the needs of a more stable market, but will be slow to catch on. Integration and standards are the keys to fast adoption.


  • Devices Will Continue to Be Less Expensive and More Integrated
  • Wireless WAN Pricing and Interoperability Will Stabilize as the Technology Matures
  • Weak Standards Will Hamper Wireless Technology for Consumers
  • Corporate Mobile Applications Will Experience Slow Adoption, but Picture Messaging Will Spread Widely
  • Wireless LANs Will Become Integrated Into the Wired Network Infrastructure

Bottom Line: Mobile and wireless technologies are essential in any enterprise planning scenario, both to address internal efficiencies and to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Operators should see continued growth in wireless applications, although most revenue will come from simple applications like MMS for photography and messaging. It will remain difficult to justify building new networks because consumer usage patterns are too uncertain. To fuel innovation, operators must provide stability in their networks, choices based on standards and application services while simultaneously lessening control over how the market evolves. In the end, innovation in applications will justify greater investment in infrastructure and encourage enterprises to rely on the technology.


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